The Best Cordless Chainsaw Buying Guide

handheld chainsaw

handheld chainsaw

I believe that many DIY enthusiasts choose wireless power tools based on battery capacity. But there are other factors to consider. The following are the main points for you to sort out the purchase of a handheld chainsaw.

The battery chain saw uses a lithium-ion battery as a power source. These powerful batteries replaced the weaker nickel-cadmium batteries, thanks in large part to the emergence of battery-powered chainsaws.


Unlike nickel-cadmium batteries, which require 12 hours to charge, lithium-ion batteries can generate more electricity and can be charged within 1 hour, and they start to be lighter in weight. Using multiple lithium-ion batteries, you can easily keep the woodcutting work, just rotate the battery from the saw to the charger.

best handheld chainsaw

When buying a battery-powered chain saw, there are some precautions that can help you determine the battery life before charging. To evaluate their power, the battery uses voltage. Some chainsaws use multiple 18-volt batteries, while other chainsaws use a single 20-volt battery. High-end chainsaws use 40-volt or even 80-volt batteries.

Although the operating time will vary depending on the purpose and size of the chain saw, it is estimated that it can be used intermittently for 30-40 minutes before charging. If you already have a large number of cordless power tools, consider buying a chain saw of the same brand to change the battery between your cordless tools.

Engine Power

The engine battery chain saw uses a standard motor or a brushless motor. Just like the motors in other cordless power tools, brushless motors are more efficient because they generate less friction. This is equivalent to extending the running time before the battery needs to be charged; less friction also means better engine power. The efficiency of brushless motors is generally around 85% ~ 90%, and the efficiency of brushless DC Motors is generally around 75% ~ 80%.

Variable Speeds

Although some cordless chain saws only provide a single speed and only allow you to turn the chain saw on or off, high-end chain saws provide variable speed control. These chainsaws use pressure-sensitive triggers to adjust the speed of the blade, so you can optimize the speed of the chain for different types of cuts.

Oiling System

The ability of a chain saw to work effectively in an oil-immersion system depends on keeping the chain well lubricated. The chain saw includes an oil tank for storing lubricating oil. Lubrication can prevent the chain from getting stuck on the wood or sticking to the saw blade. Some chain saws require you to lubricate the chain manually. Looking for a cordless chain saw that uses a fuel injection mechanism to automatically supply the fuel chain.

handheld chainsaw

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Guide Bar Length

The rod of a long-chain saw is a long piece of metal, those guides the chain and determines its cutting ability. The chain saw can cut trees whose trunk diameter is 2 inches smaller than the length of the guide rod. Large chainsaw operations (such as cutting mature trees) require 16-inch, 18-inch, or longer blades to handle the large circumference of the tree trunk.

Smaller chainsaws with 10-inch or 12-inch rods are suitable for trimming. Due to power limitations, the length of the blade of a cordless chain saw does not exceed 18 inches.


The handle is like a standard chain saw. This cordless chain saw has two handles: one at the back, including the trigger, and the other at the front, to guide your hands. Considering the danger of using a chain saw, the grip is very important.

The chain saw handle adopts a rubber handle, which can carry the chain saw well. The rear handle also contains a trigger and safety switch to start the saw. If you lose control of the rear handle, it will turn off the saw. The front handle is bent around the chain saw so that you can hold the chain saw in different positions for different cuts.

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