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In fact, as a person in the hardware and electromechanical industry, looking back over the past few years, inadvertently noticed such a phenomenon? In the past, everyone lowered their heads to make products and continued to improve. As long as the product is well done, you won’t worry about sales, and the platform is eager to let you settle in.

Now it has become that everyone is crazy to brush traffic, buy traffic, and buy gimmicks; then, those Internet platforms are making more and more money, but the profits of businesses are getting lower and lower. In the end, everyone seemed to have become “workers.”Work for the platform, why?

Today, I don’t know if you have noticed that doing business is not as good as it was 20 years ago. This is not to say that e-commerce and online shops are the same business; it is super difficult to do any business now, not that it cannot be sold, but that the profit is gone, leaving only a little trace.

Where is the profit? Where is the money? In fact, they are all earned by the platform.

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Originally, with the rise of the Internet, the prices of all commodities have become more and more transparent, and it is difficult to achieve as much as 20 years ago. Profits will indeed fall!

But the real situation now is worse than that. Now, these “customers” have been taken away by one-stop Internet super-large companies, which is almost equal to a monopoly.

When your customers are in their hands!

When your customers’ spending habits are in their hands!

It is conceivable that under the background of almost transparent prices if people want to buy your things commercially as before, they have to buy “customers” and “traffic” from them at high prices. Otherwise, he will play low-cost camp tactics with you.

In name, this is a platform to help everyone improve efficiency, but if you calm down and think about it, do you think this business model is very deformed.

The one-stop Internet platform company of hardware and electrical appliances monopolizes “customers” in its own hands and continues to suck blood! Then all companies and factories work for them, and our consumers fall into their “big data trap” day after day!

Constant consumption! Betray! Consume again! Sell again! Go around and start again.

This kind of behavior that obviously violates the “consumer’s wishes” and infringes on the rights and interests of consumers ultimately leads to only: Betray!”Be a”vampire” day and night.

Through the in-depth study of the phenomena behind these reasons, it is not difficult to understand the difficult situation of the business.

In fact, the reason is very simple: they neither research technology nor develop products, manufacture products. but they are focusing on attracting traditional customers and distributors to their trading platforms. The reason is that there are one-handed goods and one-handed prices, and the Internet platform radiates the market to combat traditional information warfare skills. High-profile meetings, large-scale teams, shouting loudly, and telling stories with graceful expressions. Isn’t this the street fighter in everyone’s impression?

If you are not engaged in basic technology research, product design and development, and production capacity manufacturing, you will eventually have to use your profits to block the business that circulates through traditional market channels. Isn’t this pure “road robbery” and “resource monopoly”?

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5startool predicted and analyzed in 2021, today’s world is undergoing major changes unseen in a century and technological innovation is one of the key variables. Experts believe that we must unswervingly follow the path of independent innovation, strengthen confidence, work hard, and breakthrough key core technologies. The power tool industry market will inevitably follow the development trend of industry fission, with industry technological breakthroughs, high-quality manufacturing, and prominent value consumption as the mainstream development trend, and the development trend of both consumer services and user services.

5StarTool(discount tools) was started in 2009 when our founder was faced with the complicated decision of which tools he needed to finish off some basic renovations at home. He didn’t need to hire professionals, and he didn’t need to spend a fortune on trade tools; as long as he had high-quality tools, he was more than capable of finishing these projects on his own.

Ever since that day, our team has been committed to creating the best quality tools for hobbyists, homeowners, and semi-pros.

We take a tremendous amount of pride in designing and developing high-quality, innovative, and affordable tools to finish any home project. We know that a lot of home improvements, renovation, and construction can be done by you at home-but only if you have the right tools to do so.

Our tools are durable, versatile, and powerful, and even though we design them for hobbyists, homeowners, and semi-pros, we often see them in the hands of professionals. We rigorously test and select the best tools that we would use ourselves, including cordless impact drills/drivers, brushless wrenches, cordless trimmers, and every accessory you’ll need for a successful home improvement/DIY project.

In 2015 our mission to make high-quality tools convenient and accessible for hobbyists, homeowners, and semi-pros became a movement, and in addition to the tools we personally develop, we also sell tools from other leading brands within the industry. Our main goal is to make it easy and convenient for you to find the best and highest-quality tools for your DIY projects. We are happy to cooperate with other quality products to achieve this mission, even if these tools do not have our own.

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